GPS vehicle tracking in Auckland- ensure the security of your vehicles

No matter whether you agree or not, we live in a society where we are increasingly subjected to criminal incidents that we are finding more and more difficult to avoid. It seems to be a fact that everyone is prone to face an unforeseen event as the number of criminal offenses continues to rise. It is a fact that we are becoming technically advanced on a regular basis, but is that sufficient to protect our assets?

Introducing Employees to GPS Tracking

GPS Introduction to Company & Employees

The correct introduction of a GPS Tracking system can be a concern in all our minds. If a GPS Tracking system is introduced with disregard for employees it may cause some employees to initially take offence to what they see as a ‘Big Brother’ action and,

GPS Fleet Maintenance

GPS Monitoring for Auto Fleet Maintenance Scheduling

Our GPS tracking monitoring system will improve fleet operations, utilisation and driver safety together with running an auto maintenance schedule which you can customise to your own specifications.

Impounded Car Tracked On Joyride

Joyride for Impounded Car

Amelia Wade from the NZ Herald filed a report about a Police impounded car that was sprung by a GPS tracking unit being driven around the streets in the early hours of the morning.

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