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Efficiency is Evident in the New System of GPS Tracking NZ

You are the manager of a fleet of trucks. This surely means that your activity is punctuated by the journeys of your drivers, fluctuations in fuel prices, and changes in regulations. As you will have noticed, many of your colleagues have opted for geo-location, the ally tool for fleet managers, but is it right for you? What are the real benefits?

Geo-location, how does it work?

You want to subscribe to a geo-location solution, but concretely, how does it work? Technicians equip each truck with a box. At the same time, they make our software available to you online and configure its functionalities according to your specific needs. The unit, connected to the vehicle's onboard computer, collects all the driving information in real-time, by vehicle and by the driver. This data is transmitted to our software via mobile networks and is then automatically synthesized, ready to be analyzed by you.

What about the tachygraphy?

The equipment of digital tachygraphy trucks over 3.5 tones and vehicles carrying people over 9 seats became mandatory. For GPS tracking NZ now that Superior GPS Tracking Services are there you can consider opting for this service.  It is recording:

  • Driver’s identity and vehicle references
  • The driver's activity (driving, at rest, on a break, work in progress, available)
  • The number of kilometers traveled
  • The position of the truck
  • The points of departure and arrival
  • Breakdowns and operating anomalies
  • Alerts (speeding, leaving a traffic zone, driving time exceeded)
  • Gasoline consumed

If you equip your fleet with a geolocation system, the onboard GPS unit performs certain functions identical to those of the tachygraphy. The latter nevertheless remains compulsory. The tachygraphy, the black box of your heavy goods vehicles, allows you to monitor vehicle activity.

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