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Finest GPS Tracking Systems NZ Solutions for You Now

With a GPS tracker for your business or private objects, you can always see online where they are. With a track and trace system, you can trace objects in your country or worldwide. By means of user-friendly software, you can log in online from any location or view and manage locations via a smartphone app. In addition to viewing locations, certain track and trace systems have more functions such as sabotage or theft reports. And it is possible to set zones around a specific area. The most affordable tracking system starts from just $ 12.56 per year without a subscription.

How Do GPS tracking systems work?

By means of GPS (satellites) and GPRS (GSM network), coordinates of the tracker are determined and securely sent to our online software. These coordinates are processed by us into locations on the map. Or in the case of trip registration, up to a complete trip with addresses, kilometers, and times. You log in online or via the smartphone app where you view, export, and manage your data. Expect the best options now with the GPS tracking systems NZ now with Superior Tracking Services.

Your online Account & Smartphone app

Whichever track and trace system you choose, after installation you can view the locations on a map with street names, among other things, via the online software. The online software is accessible from anywhere, you can log in with several people at the same time and you do not have to install any licenses or software. With the GPS tracking Systems app for smartphones and tablets, you also have all data at your fingertips on the road.

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